Sonntag, 15. April 2007

BRYAN FERRY Taxi ©1993

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Taxi shows a mature Bryan Ferry, suave and controlled, very much in line with his general career from 1979 on. The choices of songs to cover doesn't make for any surprises -- the same selections of classic rock, pop, and soul numbers dominate, with an interesting ringer here and there like "Amazing Grace." As with his other recent solo records, a cast of thousands supports him, ranging from the Grid's Richard Norris on synth programming to Brit guitar legends Robin Trower and Michael Brook, plus vocalist Carleen Anderson. All four feature on the opening "I Put a Spell on You," which manages the neat trick of sounding almost exactly like a Ferry original -- what Screamin' Jay Hawkins would have made of it is anyone's guess. The rest of the album takes a similar tone, either crackling with low-key energy or aiming for a more gentle approach. The former style turns up in some welcome guises -- thus the take on Fontella Bass' "Rescue Me," here benefiting from a quick beat, mysterious samples and noises buried in the mix and near-subliminal guitar. An overall highlight is the take on the Velvet Underground's "All Tomorrow's Parties," which balances a certain winsomeness with a subtle air of threat, the music just beautiful enough on the one hand and just creepy enough on the other. Ferry's treated vocals, made to sound weirdly flat and compressed, heightens the curious mood.

01 I put a spell om you
02 Will you love me tomorrow
03 Answer me
04 Just one look
05 Rescue me
06 All tomorrow's parties
07 Girl of my best friend
08 Amazing grace
09 Taxi
10 Because you're mine



Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for the share. I haven't heard this in years. Unfortunately there's alot of noise in each of the tracks.

Unknown hat gesagt…

The link is down, can you re-up please? ;)