Dienstag, 3. April 2007

STEAMHAMMER Mountains 1971 / ©1990

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Starting out as an electric blues group in the '60s, Steamhammer transformed into a hard progressive rock group on this 1970 album. A highly collectable album in the British prog scene, the guitarist and vocalist of this group were both, in fact, hardworking session musicians who made their names working with Rod Stewart on his debut solo album. Guitarist and vocalist Martin Pugh and Martin Quittenton co-wrote "Maggie May" with Rod Stewart, and extraordinarily this, the group's third album, features ex-Tangerine Dream keyboardist Steve Jolliffe, who was responsible for the progressive, keyboard-dominated sound of the album. Although throughout they maintain their electric blues roots, this album is a fairly awkward and mediocre transition period for the group. However, hardcore collectors of progressive rock will find much to delight in.

01 I wouldn't have thought 5:39
02 Riding on the L&N 10:11
03 Hold that train 5:45
04 Levina 3:23
05 Henry Lane 3:54
05 Leader of the ring 2:54
06 Walking down the road 3:44
07 Mountains 5:37


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