Dienstag, 3. April 2007

STING AND GIL EVANS Last session ( Live)

Live at the Perugia Jazz Festival July 11, 1987

320KB/S | 77/73 Mb |total 1:06:06

DELMAR BROWN – synthesizer
GIL GOLDSTEIN – DX 7 synthesizer
JOHN SURMAN – baritone saxophone
GEORGE ADAMS – tenor sax and vocals
CHRIS HUNTER – alto sax
JOHN CLARK – electric french horn
MARC EGAN - bass
URSZULA DUDZIAK - back-up vocals
ANITA E. - percussion
TOM MALONE - tenor and bass trombone
GEORGE LEWIS - tenor trombone
MILES EVANS - trumpet

and of course the maestroes GIL EVANS & STING :-)

01 Exp 9:31
02 Strange Fruit 7:11
03 Shadows in the rain 5:55
04 Little wing 9:43
05 Comes a time 4:38
06 Introduction of the band 2:13
07 Consider me gone 6:28
08 Murder by numbers 6:25
09 Roxanne 5:16
10 Tea in the Sahara 8:43

Dowload 1 | Download 2


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